Free Verse: A Genaric Look At Death and Poetry


Poetry (n) the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts (

Free Verse written by Sarah Dooley, is a simple book that conveys hope, anger, and dismay in a time in one’s life where you can feel most ‘vulnerable’. After the main character’s brother dies in a fire she is left broken and utterly alone. Years earlier her father died in a mine and before that her mother left. Throughout the story it leads the reader within her inner emotions and how poetry changed her life. Within the story, the therapy that poetry offers is displayed and it reveals the true effect that poetry can have on people’s lives.

There is little in this story that I would consider unique and the storyline was entirely that of many other books that have been written. The story is not productive or inspiring and it is mainly a book for escape reading. Though it does mention death, it is not a new outlook on it and there is nothing within the the writing style or format that is outstanding or a breath of fresh air. Dooley’s writing is entirely mediocre.

However, she did a great job with developing loveable and engaging characters and that is something that many stories lack. Another thing that was skillfully done is that she made the emotions relatable to the age group that the book was aimed towards.

All in all, the writing and story do not stand out. It is not a life-changing novel nor would I recommend reading it.