Wonderful Magical World of Rhymes


In the book A Sliver of Stardust, Wren Mathews, the main character, is homeschooled. She is super smart and so is a boy named Simon Barker. Together they go on an adventure to learn how to become fiddlers. Fiddlers are magical people, who can change the weather, they can also use stardust, (stardust is like pixie dust) and help out the world when they are needed. With a few other kids Wren and Simon become fiddler apprentices and try to stop their friend who becomes evil.

I thought the book, A Sliver of Stardust by Marissa Burt, started out good, but was sort of boring in the middle, then got interesting again. It was a nice book overall, but there was no action in the middle. Marissa Burt is a great author. Although I haven’t read her other books, I know that she is a good author, because she had a fascinating first few chapters and an engaging conclusion but not a very good middle. In the story she had a lot of nursery rhymes. She used the nursery rhymes by having them be the spells for the stardust and clues that Wren and Simon will become Fiddler apprentices. Although this book took me a really long time to complete (because it got boring), I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series A Legend of Starfire, because it got interesting in the end. I am also looking forward to reading her other books, Storybound and Story‚Äôs End so you should too.