Spheres of Color


In Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh, David Sullivan is a sphere dealer in New York City. Spheres are unbreakable objects that have different colors like Teal or Chocolate. They give you different abilities like improving your looks or providing an adrenaline rush. Some are as cheap like Teal, and others are absurdly expensive like Mustard. The better the ability the more expensive it is. David meets an expert sphere finder named Hunter Valdez. Together they hunt for spheres. One day they learn how Alex Holliday, one of the big names in sphere selling finds a new sphere. It’s Midnight Blue and Holliday is offering top dollar to whoever finds its match.

David and Hunter hatch a plan to try and find the sphere. They decide to look in the water tanks above buildings. After searching hundreds of tanks, they find something. It’s not the Midnight Blue’s match but something else. A new color. They know that it’s worth millions, possibly even billions. They know only one thing. They need to find the other sphere before Holliday gets wind of what they found.

Burning Midnight is a fast paced, action packed thriller that will keep you up at night even after you finish it. I recommend this for people aged 13 and up because there is a lot of swearing. Overall, I highly recommend this well written novel.