A Sweet Story That Is Stylistically Bothersome


While Emily Wing Smith is a happy, fun young person, her most recent book, “All Better Now,” does not make it appear that way at first.

“All Better Now” by mormon author Emily Wing Smith is a heartwarming, bittersweet memoir about Emily’s childhood full of awkward and angry behavior that seemingly could not be corrected through any amounts of therapy. She would solve her problems through physical violence, maintain constant anxiety over pleasing the people around her, and often swim through her own twisted mind instead of sleeping at night.

Needless to say, her childhood was filled with dark times and posed many challenges.

It wasn’t until she was hit by a car that her problems were solved. Ironic, right? However it was the very night that she was hit by a car and taken to the emergency room that doctors discovered she had a gigantic tumor growing in the back of her skull, a tumor that could threatened to kill her every moment.

But after having it removed, would she suddenly get better? Or would her health take a turn or two for the worse?

“All Better Now” tells the sophisticated story of the emotional rollercoaster that was Emily Wing Smith’s childhood, and of the trying times when she was transitioning into being an adult. It is a tale of the importance of evaluating yourself positively for your personality and skills instead of breaking yourself down, of finding the confidence you need.

As sweet as it is, this book is not for everybody. Aside from some brief moments of mature content, “All Better Now” includes some stylistic choices that will not be favored by every reader. This includes some confusion in that some chapter titles refer to chapters that don’t happen until later in the book, and often chapters are so short that they are difficult to truly dive into. Also, as there is plenty of internal dialogue about feelings that occurred often in Emily’s life, the book is frequently repetitive.

Even so, the story it holds will touch any reader’s heart and give them an insight into the key of personal success: perseverance.