Spring is Here!


Spring is here! The birds are chirping and a fresh feeling of renewal has crept into all of our bones. Now is the time to explore the outdoors. Flowers are blooming and trees have let out their buds. But the colorful forests and parks aren’t the only ones waking up from their winter slumber, animals are prancing about and birds are filling the warming skies. Get outside and look around, you’ll be intrigued by what hides beneath your very eyes.

If you look closely, you will see signs of new life all around you, whether it is an egg under a tree, or little squirrels hopping from branch to branch, paying tag, above you. The world is teeming with new life; all you need to do is open your eyes.

You can find eggs and baby animals anywhere. If you are looking for duck or goose eggs, search underneath trees, on the ground, but if you are looking for the eggs of finches, robins, and other birds that mostly reside in the trees, look for nests and if they are low enough to look inside, you should see smaller sized eggs. Do not disturb them. Animals like deer, you will mostly find in grassy wooded areas.

When looking for wild animals don’t make a lot of noise and keep your pets inside. This is important because it will keep animals from running away before you get a chance to observe them. Also, be careful when looking at offspring because you never know if the mother will think of you as a threat. Animals have a higher level of aggressiveness in the spring and you don’t want to come between an angry mom and her kids. Remember to look at a distance and don’t touch.

If you’re having trouble finding wild animals, the Denver Rocky Mountain Arsenal Refuge is a great place to visit. Around every turn, something roams. You can find fawns, owls, bison, and much more. If you are interested in birds, to take a closer look, you can put up a bird feeder in your backyard and fill it with seeds. Then use a bird guide to find out what feathery friends came over.

This is your chance! Spring only lasts for so long, so get outside and explore nature.