Don’t Stop ‘Beliebing’


Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, is an aspiring dancer that recently had the life-changing opportunity of dancing back-up for Justin Bieber at one of his concerts that was part of the ‘Purpose’ tour.

After intensely readying himself for the performance by running over the choreography many times he prepared to dance with one of the most renowned musicians in the world. Reliving the fantastical experience he admits to feeling numb, “I was kind of numb, honestly, I didn’t feel anything: it was just so fun.” He has been dancing since he was four years old and now attends Denver School of the Arts where he dances over 40 hours a week.

At the concert, Beliebers, as Bieber fans are known, went wild and after the show people kept asking for pictures with Jonathan. Striving to become a professional hip hop dancer, he hopes to get similar experiences such as this one and share the stage with more celebrities. Dancing with Bieber is just one, of many, adventures that he will have.

Michael Jackson has been an important role model in Jonathan’s life and he hopes to make people smile just as Jackson did. He has awe inspiring talent and has won various awards and this is just one milestone in his career as a dancer.

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