The Blackthorn Key


There are times when hidden underneath the illusion of an average day, are strange and sometimes frightening occurrences. Sometimes, people get pulled into these peculiar events and their lives become changed forever. This is shown in The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands. A great novel for ages 10 through 13, a boy named Christopher is taken on a bizarre journey and is confronted by complex puzzles he will have to solve.

A 14 year old boy named Christopher Rowe has become the apprentice of an apothecary, and spends his days learning and helping run a small shop. However, he becomes unsettled when eerie events begin occurring around him. Using all of the knowledge he has acquired from the apothecary, he must find a way to hide a dangerous weapon from the hands of the ones trying to use it to overthrow the king.

The Blackthorn Key describes the adventure-filled story of Christopher as he tries to uncover secrets, many of which are sinister. This book is a great read for people who enjoy adventure, puzzles and mystery. Kevin Sands uses descriptive language that allows the reader to connect with Christopher’s emotions and thoughts, making the novel more enjoyable. When alarming events keep occurring around Christopher’s home, he will be confronted by the most complex puzzle he has ever faced – will he be able to solve it?