What Lurks in the Night, Stays in the Night


We could all use a little more time in a day to get things done, but imagine if a day lasted for 14 years instead of 24 hours. Well, in Bliss, it does, and the Night is a time of monsters, fear, and odd rituals that nobody seems to want to talk about.

          “Nightfall,” by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski is a haunting story about three friends living on Bliss in the time before Night arrives, who question the bizarre process that everyone on the island insists they follow, and end up embarking on a nightmarish and life changing quest to find themselves and their true home.

It’s about a week before the ships are due to arrive and carry all the islanders to the Desert Lands, where they will spend the next 14 years waiting out Night. Marin and her twin Kana are out exploring with their friend Line when Kana falls and cuts himself. The three head back to the village, but in the midst lose Marin’s prized sunstone necklace.

Flash forward to the day the ships approach and Line has gone missing, out looking for the necklace as a gift before they leave. Marin refuses to leave without him and asks Kana to help look. They are on a time crunch, and when they eventually succeed in arranging their houses properly and finding Line, the ships have already left. Now the trio must find a way off the island to safety and escape the creatures of Night at the same time. The uncertainty of what lurks in the shadows is the hardest part of their journey but they’re all strong. The question is, are they strong enough to face the dark and survive?

I enjoyed this book a lot, and loved the way it kept me on the edge of my seat. It was full of shockers, as well as emotions and important themes from today’s world. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes complex and adventurous novels, but it’s for people who can handle violence and intense stories, so probably ages 12 and up. This isn’t your classic YA novel, but it’s an important and captivating one.