An Exciting Re- Imagination of the Nutcracker


The Toymaker’s Apprentice by Sherri L. Smith is about a boy named Stefan Drossylmeyer who is an apprentice to his father, a toymaker.

He and his father live in a town called Nuremburg which is in Germany. Stefan’s mother has just passed away and he plans to run away, but his plans are interrupted when his mysterious cousin, Christian Drossylmeyer comes to Nuremburg.

Christian is a criminal and is being watched by Samir, his jailer. Christian was a master clockmaker, but he committed a terrible crime. As his punishment for his crime, Christian must go find a rare and mythical nut called the krakatook and give it to the king of Boldavia to heal his daughter who has been made sick by the queen of mice.

Shortly after Christian arriving, Stefan’s father is kidnapped. At first, Stefan is not interested in clockmaking but because he has nobody except Christian to take care of him he joins his cousin.

They go to find the nut and to rescue his father and princess from the mouse queen and her seven headed mouse prince. Along the way Stefan learns all about the clockmaker’s guild and some things about animals that he does not know.

The Toymaker’s Apprentice is a great story. It is well written and has a good mix of action and downtime. This book is for ages 10+.

It is a great book if you like ballets because it is based on the ballet, The Nutcracker. “The Toymaker’s Apprentice” is easy to read and isn’t very confusing. The book is a not short but it isn’t very long, a good short read for a younger audience who like fiction.