In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse


In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse follows, like it suggests, the footsteps of Crazy Horse. It explains with detail from boyhood to leader what Crazy Horse endured.

It starts off with a brief summarization of the main character, eleven year old Lakota boy, Jimmy McClean. After that introduction, it brings in the two problematic characters in the story – Corky Brin and Jesse Little Horse.

These two are the bullies at Jimmy’s school, and they tease him for having odd looks – blue eyes, light brown hair, and light skin, and then explains how other Lakota usually have black hair, brown skin, and brown eyes. It forewords on to Jimmy going on a road trip with his grandfather, Grandpa Nyles.

He takes Jimmy to the many places that Crazy Horse once walked – The Oregon Trail, Fort Robinson, etc. The entire meaning of the trip (for Jimmy) is to understand the meaning of his heritage and to understand Crazy Horse’s hardships. The meaning for the reader follows this theme, as, to me, I was learning with Jimmy that looks aren’t everything.

I also learned about Crazy Horse, as I expect this book was mainly meant to teach that.

For my main review, I have to say that the book was very good. It was detailed about the happenings of Crazy Horse’s, and at that very accurate. The writing in itself is, admittedly, a bit broken off and general, but that makes for more facts than fluff. The characters are elaborate and it isn’t just a boring old history book, it has a bit of pop that otherwise wouldn’t be included. It’s a good book and certainly worth a read, so I’d give it four stars.