Riding the A-Train from Union Station


For the past few years, RTD has been building a brand new railway that runs trains from Union Station to Denver International Airport (DIA). The A-Train Route was completed and officially opened to passengers on April 22, 2016.

Both Union Station and DIA had their own celebrations and allowed passengers to ride the entire rail line for free. While there, I got the chance to interview a passenger named Austin about to board the train. I asked him what he liked about the new train. He said, “I will use it maybe once a month for travel, mostly to the airport. I like this train because of the convenience. I didn’t realize it would be so big, I mean it fits a lot of people.”

I also asked a security person named Enrique about some statistics and his opinion of the train. He said that when his shift started, a little over half an hour ago, over 1,000 people had boarded the train. This was at six P.M. so imagine how many people had come through the entire day! I questioned him on what he thought some of the advantages were to the new train; he said it would be very good for the environment because it will less the number of cars on the road to DIA. He thinks the train will be popular because of its convince and efficiency.

Because the rides were free all day, I went on a little train-ride myself. The brand new train was clean and welcoming. My brother and I sat in the very back car and looked out the window to see other trains whizzing past and the beautiful skyline of downtown Denver. A recorded voice came through the speakers telling us were the next stop was. It took us about three minutes to go from one stop to the next. Going from Union Station to DIA takes about 40 minutes.

Now that the train is finally finished, thousands of Denver citizens will not ask a friend to drop them off at the airport, or park there, but can take the fast train that will take them to their destination efficiently and for a very low cost. I hope that many readers can get the chance to go on a little adventure on the new A-Train soon.