Stories in Sculpture


When is the last time you’ve been to the Denver Botanical Gardens? Now is a good time to go. Currently at the Denver Botanic Gardens, a new exhibit is taking place. Because the Walker Art Museum (Minneapolis) is under renovation, 13 sculptures were hand picked by senior curator, Siri Engberg, to come to Denver. 13 different artists designed sculptures made of bronze, copper, aluminum, marble, paint, and limestone. The Denver Botanic Gardens has done a great job positioning each statue in the surrounding landscapes.

When you first walk in the Botanic Gardens you will find a work of art by Ruben Nakian. Titled “Goddess with the Golden Thighs,” hints that Nakian was an artist who designed art with the theme of Greek and Roman mythology. Another unique piece is one done by sculptor George Segal. This piece, “Walking Man” is very interesting. Segal lived in a time where pop art was common so he used a very uncommon idea for this. Cast in 1988, out of bronze he used an actual man for this sculpture, and the sidewalk he stands on is part of this piece. One of the more commonly recognized pieces is a very fanciful sculpture by Barry Flanagan. This sculpture is of an abstract rabbit hopping over a bell. A narrative piece, it looks as if it came straight from a fairy tale.

I thought the “Stories in Sculpture” exhibit was perfectly placed throughout the gardens in great landscapes that suit the individual sculptures. This is a great time to go with family and friends to the Botanical Gardens to see this event lasts until October 2, 2016. The exhibit is no extra charge to visitors, but you can take tours, or classes if you would like to know more about the exhibit at a fee. Come and join the Denver Botanic Gardens for a limited time to see this event before it’s gone!