Girl Scouts: Successful Stuffed Animal Drive



In Centennial, CO, Girl Scout Troop 4103 donated 130 boxes of cookies and many,many bags full of stuffed animals to the Arapahoe County Sheriff Office on May 2,2016.

Girl Scouts at the Junior level (4th and 5th grade) work on a Bronze Award. This is a way of giving back to the community and can be donating something, participating in a food drive, or raising money for a hospital. This process for Troop 4103 (my troop) started when we voted on a Hometown Hero, a place where we would donate cookies. We decided on the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

The officers invited us on a tour of their work and we learned about the history of police and the different jobs there. On the way, we saw a small pile of stuffed animals. “What are those for?” Sarah asked. “Well, when a kid is in a bad situation, we give them a stuffed animal to make them feel better.” said the officer leading the tour. That got wheels turning.

After the tour, our whole troop decided that starting a stuffed animal drive as well as donating cookies bought with the funds from cookie sales to the Sheriff’s Office was going to be our Bronze Award. But how and where were we going to do the drive? A troop leader suggested doing it through the schools. Peakview Elementary ended up being the location of the drive.

We all made posters and Katelyn B., Katelin D., and I hung them up around the school, as well as set up two bins for the ¨Stuffys¨ as Katelin D. likes to call them. We also make an announcement on PNN, or Peakview News Network. The drive was a booming success! Every Thursday Katelyn B.´s dad would check and collect the stuffys, and there would always be more!

The drive ended on the first Monday of May, 2016. The animals and cookies were dropped off that very day. The officers were very grateful.”They don’t get many thank yous.” said Kyra. Diana commented, ¨Every effort counts!¨ ¨Donating was one of the best days ever seeing the smiles on their faces!”said Delany. In all, it was an amazing experience.