Fast Break


Twelve year old Jayson Barnes is forced to live on his own after his mother dies. Having been left with nothing, Jayson tries to keep a low profile so he doesn’t get picked up by Child Protective Services. “Fast Break”, by Mike Lupica is a book about a young boy who uses basketball to keep himself out of trouble.

Jayson uses basketball to get himself through his life. He basically lives on the old beat up basketball court at the Pines. The only family he has is his friends/teammates. To make it through life Jayson is forced to overcome problems that might not be so easy for a twelve year old. Through it all basketball is the one thing that will stick with him.

After his mom dies and his step-dad takes everything but the apartment, Jayson is forced to find a way to survive. He has to figure out a way to make it on his own, when he should be having fun. In order to survive, he begins to steal. He steals in order to eat. He steals basketball shoes when his coach tells him he needs new ones.

When Jayson gets caught stealing, he is forced to go live with a foster family. Things are a struggle for Jayson for quite awhile. With a new family, new school, and new team. It isn’t always easy for Jayson to overcome these obstacles, but somehow he does.

“Fast Break” was really captivating. I loved to read this book due to how Mike Lupica makes his writing sound somewhat like a sports announcer. Jayson is a competitive kid, and through Mike Lupica’s writing it shows how and what type of player Jayson Barnes is.