Thirteen Year Old Tackles Thirteenth Curse


The world is full of monsters, ghouls, demons, vampires, etc. Not just this world, but Earth and specifically, a little town just outside of Boston, Massachusetts called Gallows Hill. Max happens to live in this town. Max, the main character in “Max Helsing and the Thirteenth Curse,” often misses or is late to school because he is a monster hunter. He is a fair hunter and tries to be kind to whatever he hunts.

He hunts monsters because his entire family, all the way down to his first ancestors, also hunted monsters. You could say it is in his blood. Sometimes he wishes he wasn’t a monster hunter, but at the same time he knows he is saving the world.

The monsters have to be hunted because they are not kind. The ghouls tend to eat dead corpses (gross!), vampires suck blood, and other creepy monsters like forest guardians are hidden but deadly. There are some exceptions. For example, Max gets a puppy as a birthday gift (a hellhound, which is actually a demon dog that shoots fire from its mouth when it grows up). At first, Max didn’t like him because he didn’t like having a monster in the house, and it was ugly. However he does grow to like the puppy. You’ll find out why when you read the story.

This was an easy to read novel that had a lot of excitement. You easily become addicted to the story. I’m a visual reader and author gave enough details about the characters so that you can create in your mind what you think everyone looks like.

I wish they would have talked more about in the beginning when Max saves a goth from a vampire. It was a very exciting part of the book, and it sucked you in (like a vampire!), but then the story just stopped and moved on to something else. I wanted to know what happened to the Goth afterwards. It was OK though because the story was still exciting, and it didn’t ruin the experience.

I do recommend this book for ages 8 and above because I think anyone younger would not understand the plot as it is more complicated. It is also 320 pages and includes some violent scenes. I also think it should be a stand alone story and not part of a sequel because the storyline doesn’t really set you up for one.