A Homeless Vet and


Wars have a bad effect on people as Annabelle, in the book Wolf Hollow, experiences with an old army World War I veteran, Toby. Annabelle lived a quiet life, considering World War II was going on. It was 1943 and everything seemed quiet for living the afterlife of the world wars. Too quiet. Betty Glengarry undid that quiet.

As the author Lauren Wolk explained, Annabelle’s first encounter with Betty was not as pleasant as she had hoped. Betty commanded that Annabelle shall give her an item from Annabelle’s rich home. When she refused, Betty beat her with a stick. Betty continued to do bad things that hurt people for life and it lead to self-destruction.

Whenever Betty harmed Annabelle, Toby was there. Scaring off Betty and helping Annabelle. People thought Toby was crazy. He walked all day, over the hills near Annabelle’s house. He wore a long black oil coat with three guns strapped across his back. He liked to take pictures of Annabelle. People thought he had gone crazy because of the war. Because of the brutal things he did to people.

Later after reading Wolf Hollow I found myself thinking about the story. You hang onto every word and you feel like the story is from your own history because the author includes so many good details and you can imagine and visualize the story so well.  It’s like you’re telling it yourself. You feel so connected to the characters that you show emotion for them. After I finished the book I felt sad knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to sit down again and read the book without knowing what was going to happen. You feel happy after reading the book and you don’t want to put it down.

I think kids eight and up would enjoy the book really well. Adults would probably enjoy this book just as well as kids.