Angry Birds


An all new movie, “Angry Birds” comes in theaters May 20th so definitely gather your family and watch some of the funniest, craziest birds out there! A new species called pigs suddenly arrive on the birds island by ship. All of the birds are mesmerized by all the pigs belongings except one bird named Red (Jason Sudeikis). He is very suspicious of the pigs and with the help of his friends he investigates the them. When the pigs gain everybody’s trust in the bird’s village they steal the bird’s eggs! So, it’s up to all the angry birds to get their eggs back.

Angry birds is a funny, fast paced movie that can get anybody laughing a whole lot! Even though this film was animated, you can still tell the actors and actresses were enthusiastic and well cast for the part. 

Also, the movie had humor that would make both kids and adults laugh. Even when catastrophe struck, the hilarious birds eased it up with funny comments and jokes. Throughout the movie they introduced supporting characters which were very small but they added a lot to the story and made it absolutely hilarious. For example, when the pigs took the eggs, in the background every bird had their own reaction that made it very enjoyable to watch.

I believe PG was a good rating for this movie. It was obviously for children but could also attract older viewers as well because of the few jokes kids may not understand while the parents would be laughing a lot! I think this movie would be a good one to see as a family for these reasons.

The only thing I would change about this movie is it’s very cliche. You are basically able to predict what is going to happen right away. It could have been an even better movie if they went a off the normal tracks and went a bit different route than expected. They could have put in more twists and turns throughout the movie to keep you at the edge of your seat. But, overall it was a very amusing, cute movie I would recommend to all families!