The Newest X-men, and One of the Best



Coming May 27th, an all-new adventure will be hitting theaters. The new X-Men Apocalypse is full of action, comedy, and suspense.

The movie begins in ancient Egypt, where a ceremony is about to commence. The pharaoh, Apocalypse, is believed to be the world’s first mutant. The ritual is interrupted and a long, epic fight happens. This ends when a comatose Apocalypse is buried under tons of rock. Thousands of years later in the 1980s, worshippers of the ancient mutant-pharaoh unintentionally uncover his body, which has been in a stasis. This awakens the evil mutant and he escapes the tomb with the idea that he needs to cleanse the world by killing all non-mutants. It is up to Charles Xavier and his team of teenage X-Men to stop the evil Apocalypse and save all of humanity.

I have been pretty hyped for this new X-Men movie. I have read most of the original Stan Lee and Jack Kirby comics and it is always a joy to see old characters like Cyclops and the Beast be reinvented in a tremendous movie like this one. The movie starts with an ambitious fight scene that is also pretty violent. Thankfully, it is not this intense the whole movie. The overall plot line of the movie was so mind bogglingly marvelous (pun intended), that I actually fell out of my chair. I like that the movie showed several origin stories for characters such as Wolverine and Cyclops.

One of the best parts of this movie is the comedy. A great example of this is Quicksilver. This superhero has been given lighting fast speed and can practically stop time, resulting in several great scenes. While this movie can be hilarious, it can also pull at the heartstrings. There are various death scenes and this could easily scare a child. In some of these scenes, foul words are used so I wouldn’t recommend this movie for kids 12 and under. Another plus of this movie is the CGI. The effects look so real; you could swear that it is really happening in front of you. A hero named Nightcrawler has the ability to teleport to any place he can see. This results in some pretty amazing shots in the movie, like being on top of a huge pyramid, or falling from the sky at 90 miles an hour.

In summary, I think this movie was great, although not appropriate for some ages. If you get the chance to see this new X-Men adventure, I implore you to do so!