A Clatter of Jars


It’s summer, the time that kids have all been waiting for, not only because they can get away from school, but because Camp Atropos is open once again. “A Clatter of Jars” by Lisa Graff takes place at camp where talented kids can take nice long dips in the lake, sings songs around the campfires, play around with their talents, and best of all: practice for the talent show. Everything leads up to this being the best part of summer, until a talent jar is dropped into the lake.

Suddenly, ominous things start to happen and the students might be in danger! What they didn’t know was that Camp Atropos was made to hide talented kids. Everyone is thrust into the camp director’s evil plans to take talents and memories from the camp participants. Sacrifices will be made to save the talents that students had from the director. Will they be able to do it?

“A Clatter of Jars” by Lisa Graff is the sequel to “A Tangle of Knots,” but can be understood without the first book. It is a story told in multiple perspectives. Each character plays a different role in saving the camp. For example, Lily Vera sacrificed her talent to keep the director from being able to use her own.

This mystery book was very fun to read, but is for younger audiences (ages 9 or 10). It was easy to read, but also included humor and fun facts. Adding to this, Graff included recipes used at the camp that you can make at home. My favorite was definitely the Sunset Punch: a drink made with mint, watermelon, and blackberries.

If you are looking for a great summer read, “A Clatter of Jars” would be a perfect book for you.