People’s Fair Draws in 200,000 Visitors


Denver’s annual People’s Fair is a popular event drawing in around 200,000 people in its two-day span. The event primarily showcases and sells the work of vendors from small art studios and businesses. It primarily exhibits the work of Colorado artists, but also has work from artists around the four corners. The fair takes place annually at Civic Center Park, drawing in tens of thousands to listen to music and generally have a good time.

Due to Denver’s recent boom, attendance of both vendors and patrons has recently increased, with the majority of particularly vendors fresh to the scene. Julia Carpenter-Boardman, a Phoenix artist who works in varying mediums was attracted first to Denver as somewhat of a tourist, and then, as an artist by trade, to the 2016 People’s Fair. Carpenter-Boardman says she was not disappointed in her sales at the People’s Fair, which she, like other artists at the fair, noted to be high compared to other public art shows. She says the fair was good business, and the event seems to have attracted many people out the growing Capitol Hill neighborhood and the rest of Denver. She joined the many booths in the fine arts section as one of the primarily new group of artists exhibiting their work. Attendance, particularly by artists and other vendors, has recently increased significantly, as returning artist Bear notes. She has noted that, in the many years she has shown her studio’s work at the People’s Fair, this year she noted particularly more vendors, which can perhaps be attributed to the recent boom in Denver’s business and population.

The fair, which, most recently taking place from June 4th to June 5th, drew many people, and offered a general community gathering with a focus on arts and culture, including the extensive arts and culture section, but also food, music, and family games and carnival rides like bouncy castles and trampolines. Entry is free, though purchase of food and attractions do cost. Overall, the popular People’s Fair is a fun arts and cultures event.