Protecting Animals Across the Globe


Protecting animals is an issue that affects us all, and a brave man from Colorado has devoted his life to this noble cause. His name is Dave Johnson, and he is an animal rights activist, an author, and a zookeeper. He has created an organization called the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund. Their mission is to “help empower the people of our planet to work together to save our remaining ecosystems and all of the creatures they contain.” Dave wanted to honor his friend Katie who loved animals and recently lost her struggle with cancer.

Dave was inspired by Katie’s passion for helping animals and fighting for what she believed in. “It made me want to take action and be part of the change,” Johnson said. One way he decided to do this is to write children’s books about protecting animals. All the proceeds of his books go to the Conservation Fund. The latest book, entitled Zoodiac kids, is a new spin on the zodiac signs. Every month has an animal that is threatened. People are supposed to help protect the animal of their birthday month. For example, everyone born in May would have the Zoodiac sign of a wolf. “I came up with this as an easy way to get everyone involved,” says Dave. “I want every kid to have a passion for animals and a desire to do more.”

Dave’s non-profit has also done lots of charity work in Nepal where he has traveled seven times. In Chepang, Nepal, Dave turned a community of poachers into a community of conservationists. They reduced the annual rhino deaths caused by poaching from 12 to 0.

His next conservation effort will take him to Tanzania this summer where he will be climbing the tallest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro. This climb will help raise money for rhino protection efforts in Tanzania where the numbers of rhinos are rapidly shrinking.

Dave Johnson, a self proclaimed animal nerd, who knew he wanted to help animals since he was 15, is bringing change all around the world from Nepal to Colorado, and hopes that you will too.

Check out his website for more information and to order books!