Jacky Ha-Ha – There Is More to Laughing Than You Think


Jacky Ha-Ha is a hilarious but emotional book about a 12 year old girl named Jacky living in the 1990’s. Jacky is a prankster who often transfers into a drama queen. Her mom is in the military and stationed in Afghanistan, and her dad is a lifeguard at a beach. She lives in Seaside Heights, New Jersey and has six sisters. Jacky tends to stutter when she is under stress, and she stutters a lot in this book (middle school tween girl drama).

Jacky’s oldest sister is in college and is very sensitive about her grades and is almost flunking out. Another sister likes to collect boys! Another one is the smart-alek of the family and is always telling everyone the history of random things. Then there is the one that is always mimicking Jacky. The littlest sister tends to become the boss when the parents are not around. Emma is a bit strict and is always ordering cheese pizza!! Then there is also a grandma that Jacky loves very much that has some health problems.

In this book you will experience romantic comedy, big mistakes, and action (such as a person climbing up a ferris wheel). This book is funny because a lot of the times Jacky cracks puns and pranks that get you laughing. It is also an emotional book because Jacky’s mom is overseas fighting in the military. Her dad is often busy at work, or at least that is what she thought… This book is also touching because Jacky shares about her feelings about her mother and the war. I’ll let you read the book to see what she says.

Just like many people, Jacky tends to crack jokes and play pranks when she is uncomfortable. This makes her come across as more real to me because I know of other kids that do the same thing.

I loved this book and recommend it for anyone over the age of 8. The descriptions are very detailed, and you quickly become involved in the story. You start to care a lot about Jacky and her family. James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein are the authors of this book, and I’ve read several of his other books. He is also the author of the bestselling I Funny series. This book is similar in tone to the I Funny series, however Jacky Ha-Ha is the best of all the ones that I have read so far!