Kid Lawyer Works Again


You would think at first that Theodore Boone is just another kid detective like Encyclopedia Brown or Nancy Drew. NOT! This little guy is a kid lawyer. #1 New York Times bestselling author John Grisham wrote “Theodore Boone: The Scandal.”

With two renowned lawyers as parents, Theo is actually a better lawyer than some adults. Theo actually managed to be a lawyer for 2 different families. Theo’s mom, the famous lawyer Marcella Boone, works with divorces. And this little lawyer’s uncle, former lawyer Ike, drinks and smokes but has a rack of good stories. But naturally, he is pretty nosy, and you won’t believe what Theo gets himself into.

Have you ever taken annoying week-long, standardized tests at school? Have you ever seen the results of those tests improve dramatically in just one year? Yes that’s great and all, but Theodore sees this at East Middle School (whose grades are consistently the lowest of the three middle schools in the area), but instead of being happy for them, he investigates, and finds something terrible…

This is a 212 page book that has 27 full chapters of no pictures. If you like action-packed mysteries, you will absolutely adore this book. John Grisham went all-out AWESOME with this book.

I am a ten year old who typically likes to read about action and battles, and I still loved it. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this an 8 because of action, mystery, and surprise with a touch of humor. This is the sixth book in a set by John Grisham, including other books about Theodore Boone called The Abduction, The Activist, The Fugitive, The Accused, and finally, the one that started it all “Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer.”

“The excitement grips the readers from the very first page” – BookPage this was an incredible classic Grisham thriller that anyone ages 8-80 would love.