A fantasy book that never takes flight


In the Secrets of Solace by Jaleigh Johnson, Lina Winterbock is an apprentice to the archivists of Ortana. They are a group who dedicate their lives to discovering and studying objects that fall from the sky. Lina should be studying, but the shadow of the Iron War between the Merrow Kingdom and the Dragonfly territories has changed everything. The strongholds of the archivists are a refuge to the victims of the war. Lina spends her days exploring the vast rooms, tunnels, and secrets of the stronghold. In a chamber Lina finds her best find yet, an airship buried beneath boulders. She needs help to dig it out, but she doesn’t know anyone she can trust with the secret. Then she meets Ozben, a boy with a secret that could change the outcome of the Iron War.

Although the book seems interesting, the plot takes a while to develop. The moments that made the book good, were far and few between. The world of the book is highly developed and the author can make a much improved sequel if they add humor, and other moments to make it less bland. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series you will enjoy this book.