The Class Clown Vs The Intellectual Vs The Athlete


Sam is the class clown known for pranking his classmates and he has some interesting history with toilet paper… Duke is the intellectual who is known for quoting Winston Churchill and staring in school musicals. Finally Chollie, he is the athlete he always follows his brother Billy’s advice and is very into Basket Ball. The only thing they have in common: they all love Miranda Mullaly, but the question is, does she like them back?

Miranda Muallay is a girl who smiles like she means it, who has a luminous complexion, and when she sings on Christmas Chollie calls it a Christmas miracle. Miranda is a beautiful and kind girl whose best friend is a pain in the neck (according to Sam Dolan). Miranda is an amazing girl who doesn’t even know her admirers exist.

It’s January fourth when all three boys notice Miranda Mullaly. They all meet over a prank set by Sam intended for Duke. This is what happened: Sam had put a thumbtack on Duke’s chair and Miranda stopped Duke from sitting down and returned the thumbtack to Sam with an “excellent smile” and Chollie watched the whole thing.

I really loved this book because it was interesting, fun and it was relatable to real life. I would definitely recommend this book for children of all ages. This is not exactly an adventure book but there is definitely comedy.