Minecrafty Story


“The Elementia Chronicles: Quest for Justice” by Sean Fay Wolfe is the first book in a trilogy of unofficial Minecraft fanfiction. The book follows the adventures of Stan2012 (Stan), and his new friends KingCharles_XIV (Charlie) and KitKat783 (Kat) as they seek justice and battle for their survival in the server of Elementia.

For those of you that know next to nothing about Minecraft, the book is really good at explaining most Minecraft terms. A server is an online world where many people can play at once. An administrator, or Admin, is the owner/operator of the server. Wolfe took creative liberty on the characters’ in-game physics to make it more interesting. In the book, they can dodge or parry while battling monsters or players, making all of the battles more exciting than just two players swinging their swords at each other until someone dies, as it is in the game. The novel was was written a few years ago so the story does not include any of the new features in the current Minecraft updates.

The Law of One Death was issued by King Kev, the admin of the Elementia server. This law said exactly what it sounded like: if you were killed, you would be banished from the server forever. As hard as it might seem on the new, more inexperienced players, things were about to get worse for them; the King was going to ban all players under level 15 from Element City, the capital city of Elementia. This is when Stan and Charlie chose to join Elementia.

After surviving their first, terrifying, and monster-filled night in Minecraft together, Stan and Charlie meet Kat and they decide to team up after she tells them about the Law of One Death. Soon, the trio decides to sneak their way to Element City after getting trained in Adorian Village, “a community dedicated to the training of new players.” The King soon discovers the three friends are in the city, forcing them to flee. Determined to take down the tyrannical King, they must go on a danger-filled quest. Do they have what it takes to succeed?

The book is written from point of view of the players, as if they were the Minecraft characters themselves: they mention their real lives, and provide Minecraft-related information that no one would be able to come across inside the game itself. In the story, the human-like villagers can speak understandably (unlike in the game where they make only very annoying humming sounds), and seem to have a vivid concept that their entire virtual world was created by Notch (Markus Persson).

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Elementia Chronicles: Quest for Justice’ and recommend it to Minecraft fans of all ages, but even if you haven’t played Minecraft, you might want to give the book a try.