“Last Man Out”


Family football, plot twist. Famed middle-school author Mike Lupica has yet again written a new book on football. 12 year old Tommy Gallagher is a typical middle-schooler in Boston, Mass. He has a sister and lives with his mom and dad, a Boston firefighter(referred to as “Boston’s Bravest”).

It is the beginning of a new school year, as the autumn football season. As the toughest kid on the team, Tommy takes on his dad’s firefighting motto for football, “First man in; Last man out”. Nick and “Greck”, Tommy’s friends, play on the same team the Brighton Bears.

At each of Tommy’s games his mom and sister sit with the other parents while his dad sit’s in the corner so he can have all eyes on Tommy. In the middle of the game Tommy hears a siren on the highway. Is Tommy’s biggest battle about football anymore?

Mike Lupica, a seasoned sports author has written other football books such as “Fantasy League” and “The Underdogs” yet none compare to his newest “Last Man Out”. If you have ever tried to write a football story you will know how challenging it is, which makes this book all the better.

Even if you aren’t a football fan or even aren’t that big of a sports fan you will enjoy the plot and well written story. On the other hand a must read for a football fan. This is a great book for ages 9-14 both and for both boys as well as girls. Coming in September to bookstores near you “Last Man Out”.