Red’s Planet – A Great Graphic Novel for Younger Readers



Recently I finished a book called Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman. I found it very similar in artwork and style to the Bone series by Jeff Smith.

Red, a ten-year-old foster child, dreams of running away and finding her own perfect paradise far away from her irritating foster family. During one of her escape attempts, a UFO takes her up in a beam of light and soars thousands of light-years away from Earth. Eventually, Red discovers she is on a spaceship with many different aliens all trading and socializing.

Suddenly, the ship is attacked by space pirates and crashes on an unknown planet with a few other hostile shipwrecked aliens. Red must survive on a dangerous planet with her only two friends, Tawee, a small grey alien, and Goose, a grouchy lion-like alien who is the park ranger of the planet. Can Red survive and find her perfect paradise, or will she forever be stranded on a desolate planet?

This comedic graphic novel kept me hooked until the end – which was more a cliffhanger than an actual ending. It is the first of a series, so the author was able to sneak many questions into the story that presumably will be answered in the next book coming in 2017. For example, who are the pirates? Who does Goose work for? And will Red ever find her way back to Earth?

I would rate this book as a 10 out of 10. The artwork was great, something that I know would have caught my eye in my elementary school years. I think this is a good book for grade school kids because of the clean comedy, the easy-to-follow story line, and the eye-catching illustrations. And while it is similar to the Bone series, it is not nearly as intense.

I would recommend this book for kids in third grade and up if they are reading it alone, but parents can definitely read it out loud to younger children – if parents are willing to put up with the kids begging for just one more chapter before bedtime.

In conclusion, if you or your parents are in the mood for a short and sweet humorous graphic novel, this is the one. And, if you like it, Eddie Pittman is writing sequels that will be released in 2017.