Local Author and Local Program Combine


“Books build community and foster relationships” is the one thing that Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, author of “Book Scavenger,” wants all readers to take away from her middle grade mystery novel. Throughout the book, this is a prevalent theme and something we should all pay a little more attention to.

The Youth One Book, One Denver (YOBOD) program serves to do just that. The event allows for kids across Denver to connect by all reading the same book and then participating in activities relating to the story throughout the summer. YOBOD is for kids ages 9-12, and is both exciting and educational.

Bertman hopes that her novels will encourage kids to get more into reading and get sucked into stories, as that’s her favorite part of reading. So far, it seems to be working; “Book Scavenger” is an attention grabbing novel.

The kickoff party was June 11, but if you missed it, don’t worry because there are over 50 events this summer related to the book happening all around Denver, and a celebration party later this summer on August 6. (A list can be found at www.ArtsandVenues.com/YOBODCalendar.)

Bertman’s “Book Scavenger” was recently chosen to be part of the annual Youth One Book, One Denver (YOBOD) program. In my interview with her, Bertman expressed how honored she is to have her first novel chosen to be part of this wonderful program. She was very excited that her book was coming to life and transforming “reading into reality” through all these extensions and games related to the story.

Bertman grew up in the same place that her novel is based and she says that as a kid she wanted to be a writer, but it wasn’t until college that she really got into it and started writing more professionally. Very much like her character Emily, Bertman says that as a kid she was a big reader with an active imagination, and although shy, loved school and games.