The mystery of the whacky ghost


Do you like mysteries? Are you just in love with paranormal activity? If so, then the book, “School of the Dead”, is perfect for you! With fast paced action you won’t want to put it down.

Tony just wants to stay away from his weird Great Uncle Charlie, but it isn’t so easy to do when he moves in with Tony and his family. Suddenly, he seems like this totally cool dude. At least that is what Tony thinks. Until it’s not funny anymore and his friends start to leave him because of his uncle’s weird talk about ghosts and bringing back the dead. Tony doesn’t mind though, until Uncle Charlie’s last words to Tony about him joining Charlie in his death. A couple of months after Charlie’s death, Tony and his parents move to San Francisco for better jobs and a great school. The weird thing is that, it is the same school that Uncle Charlie went to when he was in grade school. When crazy things start to happen, Tony starts to think that it is all going on because of Charlie’s death. Tony starts to see things, things that he really doesn’t want to be seeing. Is it because of the school or because of his family members’ death? Could it be because of both?

If you are at the edge of your seat already, then you should really read the book “School of the Dead”. I feel that most children around the age of 9 to 13 would most enjoy this book, but really, anyone with an eye for clues is going to love this book!

If Tony can figure out what is going on then it might save his life. It might also save the lives of other people, too!