Rocket and Groot Return!


“Rocket and Groot – Stranded on Planet Strip Mall” is a hybrid book (this means it is half pictures and half words) by Marvel. The author is Tom Angleberger. In this book, the famous heroes Rocket and Groot, from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, are shipwrecked on a strange, unusual, and annoying planet with no supplies, money, food, or water. They do have one companion with them – Veronica, the totally awesome, super intelligent, tape dispenser who turns out to be a great friend.

Planet Strip Mall is unlike any other planet because its crust is a strip mall! Instead of materials like methane, earth, rock, gas, fire, and water, this planet has elements of a strip mall. For example, it is made of stores like dry cleaners, 99 cent stores, 98 cents stores, 43 cent stores, 41 cent stores, candy stores, you get the idea. However, in addition to the lack of food and water, danger also existed in every single shop’s lavatory! Read the book to understand why a lavatory is dangerous (if you dare!).

The main theme of the story is escape. Obviously, Rocket and Groot are determined to leave this living hell as soon as possible. One problem, though, is that their ship is in one of the shops and is heavily guarded by maniac robots!

The character Rocket is a bit different in this book compared to his character in the movie. For example, instead of being a “blow everything up and get out” guy, he is now a “think about it and then cleverly escape” guy. Don’t worry, though, he still has the same cute looks and funny personality! Groot was exactly the same. Probably because all he can say is “I am Groot!”

This book has 220 pages and is 50/50 on words versus pictures. This was the perfect length for the book. The pictures do a good job of showing and describing the scenes. It is an exciting and funny story with some twists and turns. It is really, really fast to read. I think it took maybe one hour. I definitely recommend this book for ages 9-12 or anyone that enjoyed the movie.