A Tiny Piece of Sky


Frankie is the youngest of three sisters, which she finds to be awful. First off, she cannot go to Aunt Dottie’s house for the summer like Joan, the second oldest. Or be called “Princess” and viewed as perfect like her oldest sister. Plus, she is stuck working in the kitchen of her father’s new restaurant instead of seating guests, or driving tractors. So, while trying to prove she is capable of more to her parents, she discovers more about the war. People are accusing her father of working for the Nazis, because his parents were German. Frankie becomes curious when her father comes home late at night and is seemingly keeping secrets. To add on top of everything else, kids are picking on Frankie because of her German heritage.

A Tiny Piece of Sky seamlessly blends historic fiction with mystery. This book definitely has something for everyone. Even though the book is set in the 1930’s, there are still many aspects that are very relevant today. For example, racism is a prevalent theme throughout the book.

I would highly recommend this book to fans of all genres. However, I would say this book is probably best suited for kids 11 and older, due to some of the political aspects of the novel as well as because of racism and war topics that may require background knowledge. At 318 pages long, A Tiny Piece of Sky by Shawn K. Stout is a book that should definitely be on your summer reading list.