“We is in Dream Country. This is where all dreams is beginning.” My dreams finally came true. Roald Dahl’s book “The BFG” has been transformed into a magical movie that anyone will fall in love with.

Imagine a world beyond the one that we know of today- a world of giants and dreams. The Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance) calls this home, but even living at home can be tough. The BFG is the “runt” of the giants, the nonhuman eater, a disgrace to the “flesh gobbling” giants. He gets pushed around by all of the larger, meaner giants. The movie, “The BFG,” brings up the topic of bullying and shows that it should be stopped. One day, Sophie (Amanda Root), an orphan girl sees the BFG. He snatches the girl from her bed and takes her to Giant Country. As they get to know one another, they learn that they are equals- two lonely souls. Sophie shows the BFG how to stand up for himself and not let the giants push him around. Together, they work to teach the other giants a lesson, with the help of the queen, of course.

“The BFG” is a spectacular movie that I could watch on repeat for days. It is hilarious and heartwarming and great for an audience of any age. It was truly beautiful and made everyone’s heart beat with the characters’. I had a smile plastered to my face most of the movie; the rest of the time, I was holding my breath in anticipation.

This movie made me laugh out loud more times than I could count! I especially loved when the BFG treated the Queen of England with Frobscottle, a carbonated drink that the BFG makes, in which the bubbles go down instead of up, creating “music” when it comes out the wrong end of your body. The BFG had a language of his own, using words like “scrumdidilyumcious” and “beans” instead of beings. I also liked that this movie followed the book very closely and that the characters in the movie were almost exactly like the ones in the book.

Your favorite book is now in theatres! Don’t miss “The BFG!”