Correct technique builds an MVP


“At a young age, talent hasn’t really developed yet, but technique is always really important.” This was a very important quote said by Von Miller while discussing the main focus of his camp that he is setting up for kids.

Super bowl 50 MVP and five year Bronco member Von Miller has set up a pro camp for kids from grades 1-8. He has never hosted one of these before. He decided that this was the perfect time to help out some kids, and “get back to the community.” In these camps, he will be focusing on teaching kids the correct technique, attitude, and motivation. This camp will stand out as a great camp, and it will really help the kids because he is going to be spending pretty much the entire time on technique. If you perfect the technique, the skills will come along later. Since technique is so important, they will not be spending any time on strength and conditioning. The Broncos fans are so much into football so that this camp is sold out even though admission is $249 per person.

I think this camp is a great opportunity for many kids to improve on the sport they love. Von Miller will be spending time with each age group, so every kid will get the chance to meet him, and to get advice from the best football player in the United States. This camp is perfect for boys and girls of any age, whether they are excellent at football, or are just starting the sport. Unfortunately, Von Miller’s camp is already done, it was on June 21st and 22nd, but there are other camps hosted by some more Broncos coming up. Demaryius Thomas will be hosting a camp on July 6th and 7th, while Emmanuel Sanders will host a camp on July 11th and 12th. For more information about these camps, visit