A Chest- Pounding, Vine- Swinging Adventure!


The fun-loving and adorable Disney depiction of Tarzan is not an ideal comparison you should host in your mind as you go to see the Legend of Tarzan in theaters this Friday! The legend of Tarzan is the story of John Clayton III’s (Tarzan) return to the jungles of Congo. John Clayton III was comfortable and happy living in his wonderful home in London. He is soon sent for by Captain Léon Rom to become a trade emissary for the House of Commons in Congo. Little does Tarzan know that Leon Rom is trying to catch Tarzan in order to deliver him to Chief Mbonga who has a buried grudge against Tarzan. In exchange for Tarzan Captain, Leon Rom will receive an award from Chief Mbonga.

The Legend of Tarzan, in my opinion, is a wonderful story that contains mature topics. Tarzan essentially is persuaded to go to Congo by a historical figure named George Washington Williams. George tells him that in Congo the London monarchy at the time was enslaving natives from Congo to use to help build railroads. Hence, Tarzan decides to go there and see for himself. This movie brings awareness to many mature topics such as slavery, animal cruelty, deforestation and greed and attempts to portray these horrors through a story.

The entire movie was one hour and 43 minutes long and yet, I never knew where that time flew. The Legend of Tarzan is very action-packed with such a great storyline that you will jump in surprise throughout the movie. This movie is so heart-touching and so important for viewers to watch due to its historical correctness. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes surprises at every turn and a fluid storyline that requires thinking. This story also deals with some politics which really does add to the correctness and atmosphere of this movie. However, due to the mature topics and many adult scenes I recommend this movie for children 13 and up. As a heads up please do not take your younger children to this movie assuming that it will be like the animated Disney Tarzan movie. These two stories are very different and The Legend of Tarzan is the return of Tarzan to Congo. Yet, I give this movie 9 out of 10 stars for its historical correctness and its wonderful storyline. So make sure you catch The Legend of Tarzan as it swings past in theaters on July 1st!