“Teddycats” is an action book with tragic and heroic scenes and the story highlights leadership. The author is Mike Storey. Teddycats are mammals that are basically wild cats with really sharp/long claws that live high up in very top of the trees. They are only found in a place called Cloud Kingdom, a secure fortress that acts as a place for the teddycats to hide from danger. It is a beautiful place. There is a sparkling river with lush grass, valleys, and perfect dens for cats with walls that reach high into the sky. There is even a tree that is so high that from the top of it one can watch all that is going on in the kingdom. However there are very strict rules that must be obeyed. The strictest rule is that teddycats are not allowed to bring people or animals from outside of cloud kingdom into cloud system. These strict rules are in place because no one knows about cloud kingdom and the elders, the rulers of cloud kingdom, want to stay hidden and refuse to face the fact that some day the jungle will eventually find them.


Teddycats themselves are not unknown though, in fact they used to be friends with olingos. Olingos are dull furred, clawless, teddycats. However they are no longer friends because when humans attacked their previous home, the teddycats ran and found cloud kingdom and left the olingos behind to fend for themselves.


One of the main characters in this book is a teddycat named Bill who thinks the rules of the Cloud Kingdom are unfair. I won’t tell you what will happen, but let’s just say that this book involves humans attacking cloud kingdom, teddycats fighting for their home, and interactions between the teddycats and the olingos.


This book has 231 pages and no pictures. Don’t worry though, the story has lots of details about the characters so it is easy to make pictures in your mind of what you think everything looks like! The length of the story was about right, but I do wish there was a bit more. In my opinion there is enough to work with to make the story much longer. Perhaps they will make more books. I definitely enjoyed this one! I recommend this book for ages 8 – 15.