Abbe Ranch Horse Trials


On the weekend of June 24-26 I competed in the Abbe Ranch Horse Trials on my horse Pete. Pete is a Bay Roan Appendix. A Bay Roan is a light brown horse with his ear tips and bottom of its legs black. An Appendix is a thorough-bread and Quarter Horse mix. On the morning of the 24 we trailered Pete to Abbe Ranch.

When we got there I had to get ready for Dressage. Dressage is when you teach your horse dicipline by asking him or her to move through out a test by using leg and upper body commands. Once Pete was all tacked up, Pete and I headed over to the warm up ring. When we were at the ring we did circles, lots of circles. Then they called me over so i went into the ring and started my test. When I finished we headed back to the trailer and un-tacked Pete.

When we where done un-tacking Pete we sat down for a snack, we rested for about 1 hour. Then it was time for Cross-country. Cross-country is where there is a long jumping course on grass, over natural looking obstacles. When we were tacked up we headed over to the warm up area. I warmed up over a few jumps. Finally they called me over to the start box. When they told me to start Pete reared up off of his front legs. My trainer had to take the rain and pull him up. Finally we got out of the box and we were off.

I was heading to the first jump and I was doing great and we jumped it. The water was the 7 jump and we were heading towards  it and he almost stopped but he went in. When we went over the last jump Pete was so proud of him self. Then we went and got a vet check. He got special treatment, some of our friends took his saddle off and dumped water on him. Then we walked him back over to the trailer  and  put him back in and off we went.

On the 25 we put him in the trailer and went back to Abbe Ranch. Once we where there we had to get ready for show jumping. Show Jumping is a course of jumps but in an arena. Once we were ready we realized that we where really late so we rushed over to the warm up ring. My trainer told me to take 5 jumps so I did. Then they called me over to the start gate. When they said to go I trotted out and did the 1 jump. After all of the jumps we got overall places. I got 2 overall!. We finally went back and un-tacked and headed home. That was my Abbe Ranch Horse Trails experience!