Back to the Past with Prehistoric Geronimo Stilton


“Sea Monster Surprise” by Geronimo Stilton is part of the “Cavemice” series. “Sea Monster Surprise” is the 11th book in this series by Scholastic.

The story takes place in Old Mouse City back in the time of the Stone Age (before math even existed!). The main characters are all cavemice — Geronimo Stilton (called Geronimo Stiltonoot in this book), Trap (his cousin), Thea (his sister), Benjamin (his nephew), and Grandma Ratrock.

If you haven’t read about Geronimo Stilton before, you should know that he is always in loads of trouble and that his cousin Trap always loves to play pranks.

Grandma Ratrock kicks things off by pushing Geronimo into a new adventure in this story that takes place on sea and on islands. Thea comes along for the ride, Benjamin is an encourager to Geronimo and supports Geronimo by also accompanying him on this voyage. Trap, of course, is always around to keep things interesting.

This action story involves sea monsters and mouse pirates. Sea monsters are monsters that live in the sea. They are huge! The mouse pirates live on a special island. I’ll let you find out if the sea monsters and mouse pirates are good or evil in this story. What do you think?

Geronimo Stilton is a series and compared to previous books, this one is pretty consistent. I have read other books in the series, and I enjoyed this book and would rate as an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10 because it is funny, interesting, and creative. I also loved the way the writing really brings out your happy and sad emotions. It is a fantasy book. The length could have been expanded, but it was still a great book. The pictures really help interpret the story. There are 109 pages. I recommend this book for ages 5-12 because it is very easy to understand and simple to read.

If you enjoy Geronimo Stilton, you may also want to consider other series beyond the Cavemice, for example the Spacemice series, the Micekings series, and of course the original Geronimo Stilton series (which has over 60 books). Throughout these series, you are certain to fall in love with Geronimo and his pals. You can also check out for more details.