Geronimo Stilton in the Kingdom of Fantasy Once More


In real life, Geronimo Stilton is a person, in this book he is a mouse! “The Wizard’s Wand” is the 9th book in the Kingdom of Fantasy series written by Geronimo Stilton by Scholastic.

Queen Blossom rules the entire Kingdom of Fantasy, and three of the most powerful objects of the kingdom (the Whispering Wand, The Book of 1,000 Spells, and the Crystal Sphere) mysteriously disappear. Geronimo Stilton, who lives outside of the Kingdom of Fantasy but is favored by Queen Blossom (she actually crowned him a Knight!) finds out through a messenger that the Queen is in trouble and needs his assistance.

Geronimo sets off on an adventure with only one clue, that he needs the invisible cloak found in the Land of the Invisible Spiders. The story takes us on his quest through the Kingdom of Fantasy to find the Queen. These magically powerful items were used long ago to create Crystal Castle, where Queen Blossom and all of her friends and family live. It is also where the most precious objects in the kingdom are kept.

You will visit many places along the way of Geronimo’s quest. Like the Empire of the Ruby Dragons (a place where everything is made out of rubies, even the soup to eat), the Land of 1,000 Shadows (in the center of this realm is a very large evil tower that is made entirely and only out of shadows), and Land of the Hissing Snakes (a place where hundreds of snakes are buried underneath the ground and have built their own empire).

This story takes place in the Kingdom of Fantasy. The Kingdom of Fantasy is a magical kingdom made out of 24 separate parts. Each part represents a different fantastical feature. For example, the Kingdom of the Gnomes or the Land of Invisible Spiders each have unique creatures that live in them.

There are 310 pages with tons of full-color pictures in this book. It is an easy read for ages 8 and up. The length of the story was a bit short for me. I wish Geronimo Stilton would have visited more parts of the kingdom. For example the Kingdom of the Silver Dragons is one of the 24 parts of the Kingdom of Fantasy. Geronimo did not visit this realm, but it would have been fun to learn about.

I recommend this book – on a scale of 1-10, I would definitely rate this book as a 9. It is engaging, and the pictures are enjoyable.