New Ice Age Movie is a Satisfying Addition to the Series


You’ve been with them through a migration, a meltdown, a journey through the world of the dinosaurs, and a sea full of treacherous pirates. Now, it’s time for the gang’s biggest adventure yet—and possibly their last.

With the threat of pirates cast aside, and with Peaches getting ready to marry her new fiancé, Julian, everything is as it should be. But when what starts out as some impressive fireworks turns out to be an explosive meteor shower, their situation quickly turns dire. After Buck reads a prophecy stating that there is an asteroid headed towards them, Manny, Sid, Diego, and the rest of their “herd” must find a way to redirect it—or die trying.

Ice Age: Collision Course follows the same outline as the other movies, featuring an end-of-the-world-type disaster, a villain, and Manny’s own personal struggle (in this case, preparing for Peaches to move away). However, this movie has added characters like Julian and the Shangri-llama and even a returning character, Buck, for some added humor. And of course, we can always count on Crash and Eddie for some added comedy for the little ones in the audience.

Not to worry, though; there are some jokes that will amuse the older kids and adults, as well, making the movie entertaining for all audiences. People of all ages will find something to chuckle at during this movie.

Not only that, but parent moviegoers will also connect with Manny as he prepares to let go of Peaches, no matter how much he wants her to stay home forever. The movie provides an insightful look into the bittersweet time that comes when your child grows up.

Collision Course is a pleasing addition to the Ice Age franchise, and anyone who is a fan of the rest of the movies will enjoy this one, as well. You don’t want to miss it!