2016 Youth Journalism Day Experience


Chairman of Journalism and Technical Communication, Bob Amend, talked to us mainly about how the machines in the studio function and about the important jobs of the people who work in the studio. What interested me most was when he demonstrated how the cameramen maneuver the cameras and how the cameras operate. Each of the cameras costs around $125,000. Each camera, camera one and camera two, can be seen from the control room.

The control room is where the footage being shot by the cameras can be seen, controlled, and cut. Each button in the control room has a different function and sometimes more than one button is assigned to the same object to perform a different function. Amend demonstrated the functions of some of these buttons and let us test some of them out ourselves! Director Matt Keller also explained how some of the other machines in the control room work as well.

It is simply amazing to learn how perfectly placed each camera has to be and how swiftly the cameramen have to maneuvered them in order to get the perfect angle. One little scratch on the green screen/wall would affect the way the projection looks on the camera. It is also very intriguing how much the lighting has to do with the way the camera picks up on certain scenes. There are so many different types of lights such as a soft light, the dimmest light. I didn’t know that so many kinds of lights were used in a studio! I’d never realized how much work truly went into things such as this or how difficult it really is.

I would encourage anyone to participate in Youth Journalism Day because I learned so much on this tour that I never thought, in a million years, would be of any interest to me. It turns out that most of the things I learned today were very intriguing. Today also inspired me to never stop writing and to always keep a notepad and a pencil wherever I may go.