A Day in a Life of a Journalist


Today, kids from across the Front Range came together at Metropolitan State University for Youth Journalism Day. Youth Journalism Day only happens once a year.


At the very beginning of the day, they split into groups and breakfast was served. Not long after breakfast, some special guests came to talk to us about things that journalists do. The guests talked about word choice, journalism jobs, how to interview, editing, and photography. They were very nice and explained a lot.


All the kids and leaders had lunch, but it was soon time for the next activity. All the groups split and went to their next location. They walked across the Metro State Campus and into the Central Classroom. There, they met Layne Rainey, Lego Education Consultant, who talked to us about his job and how the company helps kids. He gave us a small bag of LEGOs and told us to take out six LEGOs.


The students had no idea on what they were going to build. Layne then explained that they had to build a tree. It is not as easy as it looks. Everyone ended up building their own tree, but none of them really looked like one.


They then got a big bag of LEGOs and had to match up with a partner. Together, they had to build a car. The cars would take turns rolling down the ramp. Layne would measure the distance of the car from the ramp. Whoever’s car went the farthest won. The winners said that their secret was a complete accident. They forgot to put on the rubber band and attach it from the wheel to one of the other parts.


LEGOs are changing. New ideas are blooming from minds daily. LEGO is now helping kids grow all because of one little idea. They’re teaching them amazing things like the four modes of learning. Visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. LEGO Education opened in the 1980’s. That means LEGO has been helping people for about 30 to 40 years. LEGO Education has been expanding in size and now has over 200 employees and a network spanning more than 90 countries.

None of this would have happened if Ole Kirk Christiansen didn’t have the brains to think of an idea like this. LEGOs actually started as little wooden toys around 1930. There has been a lot of progress of the last 70 years or so.

It’s amazing what LEGOs have done to the world.