A Day in the Shoes of a Nurse


Nurses normally do a lot more work than you think. They have to take care of six or seven patients at a time. Nurses actually stay with the patients longer then the doctors. So staying with a patient for about twelve hours includes constantly giving medication, changing tubes, filling IV bags and just making sure the patients are comfortable.

TV shows often create a picture of a nurse in your mind, and make you believe of them just being a doctor’s assistant and only working under the control of the doctor at the hospital. But, this picture is incorrect. The nurses actually bathe the patients, give them medication and watch them to make sure they’re happy. They can also work as a pediatrics, working in the field of Cardiology, Oncology, studying cells, telemetry and dialysis.

There are pros and cons in the nursing field. No one likes to hurt someone. Nurses have to do that with IV needles and shots. Nurses also have to sometimes restrain the patients because the patient would pull out a tube that they needed in order to survive. So, nurses had to tie them to the bed so the patient couldn’t harm themselves which could be fatal. In the field of nursing there are also some joys. Nurses get the honor to sometimes assist in delivering a baby or earning the trust of a patient enough to form a healthy relationship. Nursing Collage Professor Shawn Anderson says that she wants her students to know that every patient needs to have a full examination and to not cut corners and become lazy with your nursing career.

To become a nurse you have to take several classes to graduate and do a full hands on with patients. These classes include, most general education, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, human development and nutrition. To become a nurse you have to complete all those classes and more. You also need to get good grades. Not every nurse with good grades can get in because of minimal spots.

Being a nurse requires your full attention for up to twelve hours and there are some drawbacks in the Nursing field. There are also benefits of becoming a nurse and you learn more at the hospital than in a classroom. Nursing is a big commitment but it’s worth it.