A Day With Brian Kelley


Today I was able to meet with Brian Kelley. He showed me and my group his work and showed us, literally, behind the scenes. Brian is the Technical Director of the Theatre Department at Metro State University of Denver. He runs everything behind the scenes. He runs the lights, curtains, wiring, and even makes some props for the productions there. He took us on tour and showed us all of the interesting technology that runs a great production.

He also shared with us why he prefers backstage rather than on stage. He said “For example, if you audition for a princess in a play, the director can turn you down because you’re not tall enough or they were looking for a brunette. Backstage, I’ve never heard someone say that a new guy couldn’t have the job because he had blonde hair.” He also explained that you have control over what happens instead of relying on everyone to do their jobs right.

He also showed the university’s massive wood shop that is specifically dedicated to the multiple theaters on campus. He educated us on how most theaters are willing to share props and supplies due to a lack of funds. But he says that that can come back around and save everyone money.

We found it very interesting when he showed us the lighting system . He showed us all the “movie magic”. They have small pieces of film that are about as thick as cardboard. It is colored and is easily changed. That way the moods of the production can easily change in seconds. For patterns the use a small metal piece with a specific shape that slide into the light. This with a combination of colors can make any scenery in seconds.