A Word of Wisdom From Vaughn Toland


To plan for college and start preparing for it early, students need to start developing good study habits and maintain good grades, according to Vaughn Toland, the Admissions Director at Metropolitan State University.

Toland talked with students on July 21 who were on the campus, as part of The Denver Post Youth Journalism day.

Toland suggested trying to stay on top of things, and how not to get buried in your work. If you are on top of things, he continued, you will maintain good grades. If you need help, feel free to go to a teacher, but make sure to do so before it’s too late.

“People who hold a bachelor’s degree earn over $20,000 more per year than people who only have a high school diploma,” Toland said, reading from his PowerPoint presentation.

Even though you make money after attending college, you should still start making and saving money beforehand. If you receive a scholarship, you’ll pay less money on your tuition and you can also can get a job that can offset your costs.

MSU focuses on teaching rather thaan research. The class sizes are smaller than they are in other schools: the average class size is 20. The campus is an urban location, so you have a good view of everything from Elitch Gardens to the Mile High Stadium. At MSU, there are 37% students of color. MSU has the lowest tuition out of Colorado’s four largest public universities.

“Each student has a different path,” said Toland. He encouraged planning for college early and saving soon because even though MSU is affordable, it still is a big financial commitment, as is any college.