Auraria Recreation Center


In the Metropolitan State University (MSU) there are many facilities that students can use and also work for. Here, there is a fitness loft, a multi purpose gym, an outdoor adventure center, fitness center, and a dance studio. There is also a pool, but it no longer functions.


In the fitness loft, there are 15 spin bikes. In addition to spin bikes, there are also 8 different machines, made by the brand free motion. The students are welcome to use the fitness loft during open hours, but personal trainers and their clients mostly use the loft. If you want one on one training to learn how to do things like lifting weights and running on a treadmill with proper form, you can join this training. Look outside the recreation office for prices for personal trainers.

The outdoor adventure center is where people can rent equipment if they decide to go on an outdoor adventure. A canoe would cost $15 for a day, $24 for the entire weekend and $48 for the entire week. A tent for 2 people would be $6 for a day, $11 for a weekend and $18 for the entire week. These are just a few examples of the prices of some equipment. But for all the prices of renting the different kinds of outdoor equipment, ask the outdoor adventure center.


The multi purpose gym is used for many different things. It has 3 different basketball courts that can have blue curtains put in between them to allow multiple classes to happen at once. The Metropolitan State University, the University of Colorado at Denver and the Community College of Denver own it. Many different sports are played in this gym, which include badminton, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The gym has a seating capacity of 2200 people. These include VIP seats, which are located high up above, and food will be brought to you. It has a video board that was given by the Pepsi center. It has lights that have been replaced just a few months ago.


There is also a pool, but it was drained 2 years ago. This was because it had some leaks in the drain and so they drained it. They do not have enough to repair it, because it would take over 1 million dollars to fix. If they do not gain enough funding, they plan to turn it into a bigger fitness center.


The Auraria recreation center has many facilities that can be used by the students.