Behind the Scenes With Brian Kelley


Brian Kelley, works at Metro State University Denver in the theater and play department as a technical director. Kelley works behind the scenes in the King Center. Today we took the time to visit him for Youth Journalism Day.

We took a look behind the scenes with Kelley in two theaters. Brian took us literally behind, underneath, and above the scenes. Kelley stated “I would prefer to be behind the scenes because, in theater directors can be very specific. Say you wanted to be a princess in a production, the director may seek a brunet or a blond, the person auditioning may not be the right fit for the part. But, behind the scenes they don’t care what you look like as long as the props come out almost perfect.” Like he stated he prefers to be behind the scenes, but on occasion he will work on stage in the play.

Kelley also brought up the topic of setting up the play. Brian works all around the theatre in the technical departments, such as lighting, wiring, and build the set for the productions. We got to take a look at the lighting and wiring today. In the black box theater we got go up to where the stage and moving lights are set up. Brian let us walk on aircraft cables. They create a floor of little cables for us to walk on above the stage. Kelley informed us that it can take up to 4 – 6 weeks to produce props, such as a car that they created for Grease.

Behind the scenes they have charge artists. “These are the people who paint our props and paint the canvases for the backdrop of the set.” Kelley told us. Brian told us that another key thing about putting on a production are the costumes. “The costumes have to be from the right time and era, so if your play is about the 15th century the costumes should look like they’re from that era.” He stated. Our goodbyes were said and then we were gone.