Brian Kelley


Brian Kelley has a job in theatre and he is a professor at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. He works as a technical director at the King Center and he builds and engineers temporary structures. He builds temporary structures to the designer’s wants for a play. The job he has at King Center is very demanding. So every week he works 50 to 60 hours at the minimum.

He started having an interest in making things that looked solid and heavy but were hollow and light in his high school years. He always thought it was like a hobby that you did after school or for a few hours everyday. Later he learned in college that you could pursue his interest as a career. He then figured out he did want to pursue his interest (a technical director) as his career.

Theater work is very busy getting ready for plays. Brian Kelley said that usually he has four weeks to do temporary construction. Temporary construction is when people are build things that are not permanent. The theatre uses things temporarily for a play usually. When you think about four weeks is not a lot of time to get ready for the play. That’s why Brian works for long periods of time during the week.

To make the temporary structures it sometimes takes engineering. For example, it takes engineering to make something light that can be pushed but also something that someone can dance on safely. So the structure would need engineering for it to stay still while some one is dancing on it but it also has to be able to be pushed by one person. That is something that Brian works on, he engineers a break that can be turned on or off for that kind of structure.