Brian Kelley at the King Center


Brian Kelley works at Metro State in the Theater department. I met Brian today, July 21 to learn about the theater department.

He works in the King Center and he gave us a tour of the building. When we met Brian he brought us to the black box. The black box is a room that can be turned into a theater.

He told us about how they build props so they can make the prop move quickly so they can change the scene fast, but also so the actors can use it safely. There was a big rock in the middle of the room that looked like it was real. But really it was hollow in the inside. It was made so that it could move easily, but it was safe for the actors to stand on.

Then we went on top of the stage on these things called aircraft cables. One aircraft cable can hold up to 250 LBS. There were ton on top of each other. He they showed us the stage lights he showed us how they project lights and designs on the stage. He said that if you mix two colors together on the stage lights it will make a third color.

We then went to the costume shop. It had a really wired smell. Brian said it’s the smell from cleaning the costumes. He then told us that they make the costumes out of wired materials but they look realistic.

He then brought us to the big stage. Then showed us where they make the props. Then we boarded a elevator and went to the middle of the stage, which was really cool. Then we went underground to the trap door where people can come out of the ground during production. We then said goodbye to Brian and left.