College Education Benifts Student’s Careers


Vaughn Toland, a Director of Admissions at Metropolitan State University of Denver on July 20 said, college is important because it advances your education and your career, to a group of visiting 7th grade students who were on campus for The Denver Post Youth Journalism Day.

Toland talked about applications and admission costs. MSU is one of the easiest public colleges to get into, and one of the most affordable. MSU has the lowest tuition out of the four largest public universities in Colorado.

Even though MSU has the lowest tuition price, the cost has still gone up over the past twenty years or so, Toland said. “About twenty years ago the government paid 75 percent of a child’s tuition, but now they will only pay 25 percent of a child’s tuition.”

Toland explained that people with bachelor degrees makeover $20,000 more than people with just a high school diploma. Only about a quarter of people living in the US have a bachelor’s degree, but by 2018 two-thirds of all jobs in the country will require a postsecondary degree. ` People with a bachelor’s degree will have a lower rates of unemployment now and in the future.

There are multiple things that you can do to begin preparing for college. Saving for college now will be easier to pay for when the time comes. Beginning to develop good study habits now will be effective in the future. Meaning make studying your main goal before fun activities. Also maintaining good grades. By that we mean turning in your work on time and ask teachers at school or family members for extra help if needed.

Taking challenging classes during high school will prepare you for the challenges during your college years. Also colleges would rather have a well rounded person that participates in sports and clubs while focusing on school work at the same time, rather than someone who only focuses on one area in school.

Improve your reading, writing, and math skills. Toland said, “These basic skills will serve you well in college, career, and life.”